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April 8, 2011

I saw this photo on The Sartorialist last fall and fell in love with this girl’s relaxed yet stylish look. I held on to it all winter long excited to copy it once the warmer weather came.

I love shopping for spring clothes. I have sort of an eclectic style but if I were on a deserted island and I could only choose one store to bring with me, it would be a hard choice between J Crew and Anthropologie. But I think J Crew would be the wiser choice.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from this season’s catalog.

This photo doesn’t do this jacket justice. Last month I saw a girl in New York wearing this and it is gorgeous in person. It has that  classic”Chanel” look that I just LOVE.


I’d like to show up at our next video shoot looking like this please.


Now, I can totally get with this 80s-esque look. Remember buttoning the top button of your shirt and topping it off with a broach? BTW, LOVE her glasses!


No outfit is complete with out a pair of comfy wedges. I’ll take one of each please.


The Sartorialist

July 14, 2009

My first love is my husband, my second love is my cat (although my husband likes to think it’s the other way around), BUT my third love is The Sartorialist. I’m addicted to this blog — I guess I shouldn’t say addicted because that has a bad connotation — I’m more obsessed!

The first time I stumbled onto Scott Schuman’s blog over a year ago, I was instantly inspired by his photography, the people and the fashion. I felt like I was transported to the streets of New York, Paris and Milan. I love seeing people from all different walks of life and how they express themselves through fashion. You don’t have to follow trends to have style — it’s just something that you exude. I often wonder if Scott saw me walking down my street if he’d snap a shot. 

With that said, this is great — a “Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Shot By The Sartorialist” by Christine Barberich & Piera Gelardi — Design by Joshua Covarubbias. It’s so clever, I wish I would have done it!