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parisian sidewalk art

April 21, 2011

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera patches up cracks in the street with colorful yarn. It’s such a unique and amazing idea.

I put this in the same vein as street art, what do you think? I love all forms of public artistic expressions.


is graffiti art?

February 1, 2010

A friend of mine recently shared some photos of the latest graffiti mural by Os Gemeos. I was completely blown away by the colors and characters —  they’re very dream like. As I admired their work, it got me thinking again — is graffiti art?

Having lived in the city my entire life, I’m confronted with graffiti everywhere every day and have had this discussion with many people. Some think it’s a disgusting violation of property and some think it’s an expression of one’s creativity. I fluctuate between the two. The wall behind my house is constantly the victim of graffiti — or  tagging — which is a gang’s way of marking their territory. Here’s an example of one my husband photographed.

To me, this is not art. I can’t even read what it says — and I’m sure that’s the intention. Where’s the creativity?  But as I said, this is definitely tagging and not an expression of one’s creativity. There are some beautiful examples of creative graffiti in the city — unfortunately I don’t have photos of them. Although I do have this photo of a mural I stumbled upon in France. Now this, I consider art.

I might be considered a graffiti snob but I would gladly offer up the side of my house to Os Gemeos to do a mural.

Art is subjective and I think graffiti is too. Do you consider graffiti art?