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I saw this photo on The Sartorialist last fall and fell in love with this girl’s relaxed yet stylish look. I held on to it all winter long excited to copy it once the warmer weather came.

I love shopping for spring clothes. I have sort of an eclectic style but if I were on a deserted island and I could only choose one store to bring with me, it would be a hard choice between J Crew and Anthropologie. But I think J Crew would be the wiser choice.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from this season’s catalog.

This photo doesn’t do this jacket justice. Last month I saw a girl in New York wearing this and it is gorgeous in person. It has that  classic”Chanel” look that I just LOVE.


I’d like to show up at our next video shoot looking like this please.


Now, I can totally get with this 80s-esque look. Remember buttoning the top button of your shirt and topping it off with a broach? BTW, LOVE her glasses!


No outfit is complete with out a pair of comfy wedges. I’ll take one of each please.


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