my dream home: kitchen

Jeremy and I have been thinking about moving to the suburbs. It’s a hard decision. One day I’m really excited at the thought of a bigger place and the next I’m scared and sad to leave the city. I grew up here. This is what I know and love. But realistically, in order for us to get a bigger space, we need to move to the suburbs.

We started to look online a little and what I’ve noticed most is that these homes are stuck in the ’80s! There are tons of places with frilly curtains and borders. It’s hard to see past the horrible decor but it got me thinking that it would be exciting to buy a cheaper home and put some money into making it my dream home. So, here’s the beginning of my blog called “my dream home” and today I’m featuring photos that I’ve collected of kitchens that I love.


5 Responses to “my dream home: kitchen”

  1. Renee Hendricks Says:

    Gorgeous! We currently have one of those 1960’s horrible 1-butt corridor kitchens. Outdated countertops, no room…horrible. I love these pics! Oh, and congrats on the career!

  2. Petursey Says:

    Very european taste you have Tina… though the country style in the first one is now very 00’s…. low islands, glass and shelves in the low islands are very in here at the moment !

  3. Petursey Says:

    And GOOD LUCK with the new job !!!!!!

  4. Steve Says:

    Those kitchens are amazing. The second is my least favorite but still very nice. The third one is probably more my style and looks very inviting.

    Congratulations on the new job!

  5. tina louise Says:

    Thank you all for your comments & well wishes! I’m sorry that I’m late in responding — I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the training for the new job. I love it though so that helps.

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