rainbows, kittens and cotton candy

That’s what is going through my mind right now. Positive, happy thoughts. Today was our insemination. We dropped off our sample and then walked over to a little cafe and had tea while we waited about 45 mins for them to “wash” it and get the good guys all set for take off.

The actual process wasn’t so bad. It’s more uncomfortable than painful. The nurse did the procedure since my doctor was on vacation. She was really sweet. She had a tough time getting the catheter into my cervix and thought she might need to use a different one but she finally got it. At one point as she struggled with it and had her head between my legs, she kept apologizing and saying, “I’m just trying to get you pregnant.” How many of you ladies out there can say that you’ve heard that one from a woman?

It was weird to just casually walk out of the office afterward, like nothing happened. I’ve seen couples walk out before and I search their face or body language to guess what they went in for. You never really get a feel for it. Everyone is just so casual — and that’s how I felt. Like we just visited a friend and now we’re on our way to lunch. La de dah.

So, now we play the waiting game. I go in next week for blood and an ultrasound to make sure that I ovulated. And the next week (the day before my birthday) we should know.

Funny, we had a photo shoot scheduled for this afternoon with newborn twins. Coincidence? I think not. They were so sweet, I was holding the little girl and thinking “okay, baby, send some good baby makin’ vibes my way.” I almost wanted to rub them both on my tummy but didn’t because I thought that it might look a little freaky 😉

Okay, day one down, just thirteen more to go.


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