only two more shots to go — whee!

Today I had my second round of blood and ultrasound tests to monitor my little follicles. On Monday, they saw two that measured 12 mm. The nurse called and told me to continue with my shots and come in again on Wednesday because they want them to be around 18mm. Well, they’re getting there, one is 16.3mm and the other is 17.7mm — woohoo!

So, I just need to take two more shots, tonight the Follitism and tomorrow Ovidrel, thank goodness it’s almost over! I don’t know if I could stand any more needles. I almost passed out today after my blood test. It was pretty embarrassing. It hurt when she took out the needle and I felt my body go numb and cold. I didn’t faint, but I did bust out into tears. I couldn’t help it, I just sobbed for what seemed like forever. Thanks horomones!

I’m getting a little better with the shots — Jeremy is definitely a pro at giving them. I was bummed that I had to take my first one after Thanksgiving dinner when all of our guests were in our kitchen but it  turned out for the best. My cousin Kelly was here and she was able to calm me down. The next night I had my mother in law help me — she lives in North Carolina. And the third night my brother was there — which is interesting because he’s not very touchy-feely but did a good job at making me feel better. The next two nights I was on my own, except for Jeremy and a video camera — yes — my husband wants to document this. I guess it will be good to show our little one just what I did for him/her, her & her, him & her or him & him. I have two eggs — we just might have twins. Who knows!

So, Friday is insemination day. I’m excited and nervous — as I’m sure all women who go through this are. I hear the two weeks that follow are hell. The best part is that the day we find out is my birthday! What an incredible birthday present that will be.

Here’s a picture of our follicles. Jeremy and I were joking that we can show our baby/babies what they looked like at negative two weeks old.


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5 Responses to “only two more shots to go — whee!”

  1. 21reena Says:


  2. Happy Negative Two Week Day! « Says:

    […] Two Week Day! My dearest Tina blogged about our experience yesterday at the fertility doctor. You should read it. Tina talks about her experience during the last […]

  3. petursey Says:

    Wooooo those follicles look awesome !!!! As I said to your hubby yesterday we hoped your follicles are as prolific as a mother goddesses !!!!!

    Good luck from the other side of the atlantic !!!

  4. Xina Says:

    I’ll be thinking about you guys for the next 2 weeks! Good luck!

  5. Julie Says:

    I’m thinking of you guys so much; good luck!!!!!

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