oh coco!


I can’t wait to see this movie. Coco Chanel is such an inspiration to me as well as many other women. Click here to read a great blog about the costume design for the movie — what an honor and a challenge that must have been.

3 Responses to “oh coco!”

  1. cafewitteveen Says:

    I think Audrey Tautou is “inspiring”. 😉

  2. petursey Says:

    Is this not yet out in the US ?? You mean we finally got a film first over here… it was out here in NL in August…a couple of friends really enjoyed it…and anything with Miss Tautou is bound to be good !

  3. tina louise Says:

    Yes, you’re so lucky, the movie was released in the Netherlands back in May of this year. It only came to the US a few weeks ago. See, you get the fashionable and cultural movies first.

    I agree with both of you, Audrey Tatou is the cat’s pajamas.

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