makes me want a dog…

…but shhh…don’t tell my cat Zoe!

I want to cuddle up and kiss him all over.


On desire to inspire was a post asking if anyone keeps their dogs off of the furniture — included was this photo. I love him. I want him. His name is Rocco and his owner has a very cool blog — definitely in my bookmark now even though I have no clue what she’s writing about because it’s in another language! But the images are so inspiring that I don’t care.

Check out her blog designfragment .


2 Responses to “makes me want a dog…”

  1. petursey Says:

    My dog is not allowed on the sofa (no room!) but she does sleep on the bed with us….as long as it’s colder than 13 degrees outside !! her special thing is sunday morning lying between us and then moving up with her ears down asking for a cuddle when she notices we’re awake !!!

  2. tina louise Says:

    Awww, cuddling with animals on a cold night is the sweetest thing. Now that winter is coming, my cat is attached to me. Every time I sit down, even for just one minute, she’s climbs on my lap. It’s cute for the first few times, but then I realize that she’s doing it to keep warm, then I feel used ; )

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