Inspired — a girl's dream…

So, I’m cruising one of my favorite blogs desire to inspire and I fell in love with these photos of one of interior designer Jessica Helgerson‘s projects. 

I’m in love with the dark chocolate brown and white color scheme with just a few pops of green. It’s so crisp and clean. This is such a great idea — keep it neutral and bring in color with accessories. I especially like the green because it gives the home a feeling of being out in the woods — the dark brown of bark and the green of leaves…ahhh. But the story continues…

white + brown Jessica Helgerson

white + brown kitchen

white + brown kitchen dining room

white + brown hallway

white + brown hall

white + brown bathroom

…so like I mentioned, I fell in love with this designer’s work and decided to check out the rest of her portfolio on her website. She’s extremely talented but what really intrigued me was that a few of her projects were done in France — oh on her one year sabbatical with her husband. I about flipped. How wonderful! I ran into my husband’s office and told him that I wanted to do just that!

A girl can dream, right…

To be continued…


One Response to “Inspired — a girl's dream…”

  1. cafewitteveen Says:

    That is some hmm-haa sweetness.

    Very inspiring.

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