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makes me want a dog…

July 30, 2009

…but shhh…don’t tell my cat Zoe!

I want to cuddle up and kiss him all over.


On desire to inspire was a post asking if anyone keeps their dogs off of the furniture — included was this photo. I love him. I want him. His name is Rocco and his owner has a very cool blog — definitely in my bookmark now even though I have no clue what she’s writing about because it’s in another language! But the images are so inspiring that I don’t care.

Check out her blog designfragment .


beach babes

July 28, 2009

I was fortunate to spend yesterday at the beach with my cousin Kelly and her three beautiful boys. It was a beautiful day in Chicago yesterday — perfect for our beach outing. Here are my favorite photos from the day. 




The Sartorialist

July 14, 2009

My first love is my husband, my second love is my cat (although my husband likes to think it’s the other way around), BUT my third love is The Sartorialist. I’m addicted to this blog — I guess I shouldn’t say addicted because that has a bad connotation — I’m more obsessed!

The first time I stumbled onto Scott Schuman’s blog over a year ago, I was instantly inspired by his photography, the people and the fashion. I felt like I was transported to the streets of New York, Paris and Milan. I love seeing people from all different walks of life and how they express themselves through fashion. You don’t have to follow trends to have style — it’s just something that you exude. I often wonder if Scott saw me walking down my street if he’d snap a shot. 

With that said, this is great — a “Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Shot By The Sartorialist” by Christine Barberich & Piera Gelardi — Design by Joshua Covarubbias. It’s so clever, I wish I would have done it! 

Inspired — a girl's dream…

July 6, 2009

So, I’m cruising one of my favorite blogs desire to inspire and I fell in love with these photos of one of interior designer Jessica Helgerson‘s projects. 

I’m in love with the dark chocolate brown and white color scheme with just a few pops of green. It’s so crisp and clean. This is such a great idea — keep it neutral and bring in color with accessories. I especially like the green because it gives the home a feeling of being out in the woods — the dark brown of bark and the green of leaves…ahhh. But the story continues…

white + brown Jessica Helgerson

white + brown kitchen

white + brown kitchen dining room

white + brown hallway

white + brown hall

white + brown bathroom

…so like I mentioned, I fell in love with this designer’s work and decided to check out the rest of her portfolio on her website. She’s extremely talented but what really intrigued me was that a few of her projects were done in France — oh on her one year sabbatical with her husband. I about flipped. How wonderful! I ran into my husband’s office and told him that I wanted to do just that!

A girl can dream, right…

To be continued…


July 2, 2009




What a great idea. An herb garden right in your kitchen. I found this on Chicago Home + Garden’s blog. Such a great idea! 

“Jim Dase, a designer at Abruzzo Kitchens, had an idea this Glencoe couple hadn’t thought of: build an herb garden right into the counter. Surrounded with wood and stone from the countertop, this planter box has a stainless steel liner with a drain that ties into the plumbing for the sink. For months, the Glencoe homeowners have been enjoying fresh cilantro, basil, parsley, and more, which are thriving thanks to the grow light bulbs installed in the decorative fixtures and can lights.” Jan Parr