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Come on get happy!

June 26, 2009

I saw this post today on one of my favorite blogs — Design Sponge. The following are photos from artist Bobbie Burger’s kitchen. It’s gorgeous! How can you not smile when you’re in this room. It’s so airy and fresh — I imagine that it smells like fresh lemons and oranges and has a continuous cool breeze too.

bobbie burger

I really like the large scale painting that gobbles up that white wall. It’s better than wallpaper in my opinion. 
bobbie burger 3

When’s the last time you saw a bright yellow stove? I really like how it just pops and the red dish towel is a great accent color.

bobbie burger 2


Love knows no boundaries…

June 25, 2009

Love knows no boundaries.I love this story. The video below is a follow up from last year when a tiger abandoned her cubs and a golden retriever raised them as her own. Now they’re teen tigers — healthy and ready to go on their own.

Such a sweet story.

More photos here.